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AVisum releases 19 inch rack PC with in-built UPS

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article image AMT-N6347B rack PC

AVisum introduces the AMT-N6347B, a new range of 19 inch rack PCs consisting of the SBC-357/4M, a low cost 386SX-40 half size CPU card with in-built 4MB RAM, together with a combination of power supplies and inverters.

The AMT-N6347B includes 150 watt 240V AC in/28V DC out AC power supply; 25 watt 24V DC in/5 & 12 V DC out DC to DC converters; 12V DC in/ 240V out inverter; 240V AC in/ 10V AC out transformer; and 2 x 24 volt batteries, all housed within a 2U high 19 inch rack chassis.

The AMT-N6347B finds application in battery backed PCs designed to detect incoming calls to an emergency government utility. The communications ports speak to various hardware involved in the process of detecting the incoming phone number and send the information ahead of the caller to the switch operator.

The AMT-N6347B will run the onboard single board computer and also the line grabber peripheral hardware in the case of power loss for 10 hours.

Sourced and built in-house at AVisum, the AMT-N6347B combines the company’s expertise in PC technology and power supplies. Custom made mounting brackets and wiring are available to suit the battery and power supplies.

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