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AVisum introduces Chameleon Trackball

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For low light working environments, AVisum has developed the Chameleon Trackball, a backlit panel mount industrial grade 50mm trackball. Encased in either a stainless steel or aluminium carrier plate, this palm-sized device sources its illumination power directly from the mouse port.

With the option to select up to seven different colours, several trackballs can be used simultaneously on the job. To accommodate all environments, the illumination intensity can be altered depending on the situation. Both features can be altered internally or remotely.

The Chameleon Trackball is suitable for use in studios to control lighting, naval control stations to monitor active equipment, industrial environments to indicate control status and even as part of security systems to track alarm status.

Monitoring and executing in poorly lit, dim or dark conditions is made easier. Every touch of a button, flick of a switch or twist of a knob can be deftly executed and with the added confidence of a colour based system as an extra check and balance.

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