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AVisum develops solid-state media players

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AVisum has developed a range of solid-state media players for delivery of product and educational material in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors.

Designed to operate 24/7 without interruption if required, these players have no moving parts and will therefore not suffer from burnout or mechanical breakdown.

Suitable for retail counterpoints, foyers or even large industrial premises where specific departmental information needs to be delivered, these units have live-action colour, sound and movement delivered by hassle-free solid-state media players that a flexible and easy-to-use.

The technology can show DVD quality video and audio on its LCD screen, or any existing TV, plasma display or projection TV.

AVisum players can run a typical DVD presentation of either video or stills or a combination and offer the added benefits of touchscreen, barcode reading and motion sensing.

All customer/employee interaction is recorded, therefore allowing quantitative analysis of the POP display.

As it is non-Windows-based, the system can be turned on without technical expertise.

If power is lost, AVisum simply starts again after the power is restored without any need to touch it. This turn on and play system ensures that the POP displays operate only during the hours they are required.

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