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AVisum develops new LDR AdPlayer

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Informing the customer of a product is a constant challenge, and small businesses face the problem of marketing without the budget for conventional selling avenues.

It is generally accepted that, just as colour is more effective than black and white, so too does audiovisual promotion cuts through with significantly more impact than static messaging.

Audiovisual promotion results in higher memory retention and better product understanding, so how can small or independent retailers harness the power of AV without blowing the budget?

Sydney based engineering firm, AVisum has developed the perfect solution for small or independent retailers. The LDR AdPlayer is an interactive approach to displaying product information.

Comprising of a colour LCD display with a built-in solid-state video player and speakers, the LDR AdPlayer meets the needs of in store retail marketing.

The video player stores all video and stills on a Compact Flash card, allowing users the convenience to change data whenever necessary and with no moving parts, the unit will not overheat from exhaustion.

With functionality to play MPEG1, MPEG2, and JPEG files, it gives a wide variety of options for use in a commercial environment.

Light Dependant Resistors or LDRs are the key technology behind the LDR AdPlayer.

The removal of the product from the display area exposes the LDR, which activates the appropriate track on the Compact Flash card. As each product is replaced and removed, the corresponding information is displayed on the LCD screen.

Fully customisable with LCD screens ranging from 6.5” to 55” diagonal and up to eight LDRs, the LDR AdPlayer is suitable in all product applications, from mobile phones to vitamins to the new runners.


  • Solid-state digital video player
  • Built-in speakers
  • Compact Flash Card slot
  • Available with LCD screens ranging from 6.5” to 55” diagonal
  • Plays MPEG1, MPEG2, JPEG
  • Have up to eight LDR set ups

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