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AVG (AU/NZ)’s AVG 8.0 version of Anti-Virus and Internet Security software at CeBIT Australia 2008

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AVG (AU/NZ) , Australasian distributor of the AVG range of Anti-Virus and Internet Security software, showcased the new version of AVG product range, AVG 8.0, to a capacity crowd at CeBIT Australia 2008.

AVG 8.0 product range was officially released at the end of February and its live demonstration at CeBIT Australia 2008 outlined how home, SMB and enterprise users have access to an extensive range of new and improved protection capabilities, including real-time protection against web threats and drive-by downloads.

AVG 8.0 is designed to protect users against current and future threats without impacting system performance, a task made easier by the inclusion of the LinkScanner real-time safe surf and search protection technology.

“The new AVG Active Surf-Shield and Search-Shield components of the LinkScanner technology built into the AVG 8.0 product range, proved particularly interesting for show visitors”, said Lloyd Borrett, Marketing Manager of AVG (AU/NZ). “Knowing the web page they are about to visit is safe and also appealing to people”.

The CeBIT crowd were impressed by the pro-active, real-time ability of AVG 8.0’s safe surf and search protection. “Once people are shown how LinkScanner checks each link on a Google, Yahoo or MSN search engine results page in real-time, they quickly realise that the blacklist-based solutions offered by our competitors are totally inadequate”, added Lloyd Borrett.

“Its easy to understand that a blacklist database will never be accurate and up-to-date at the time you click on a link to a web page, when it really matters. People are seeing how AVG is now the world leader in delivering protection against web threats”.

Many of the queries for AVG (AU/NZ) at CeBIT this year related to AVG (AU/NZ)’s range of solutions for business and enterprise networks. Network administrators, IT Managers and security solution resellers were keen to roll-out AVG (AU/NZ)’s cost-effective and efficient workstation protection across networks from 10 to thousands of users.

The new AVG 8.0 network security solutions provide improved file server and e-mail server protection, plus sophisticated central management, remote administration and reporting tools. “The message we received at CeBIT Australia 2008 was that business is tiring of paying for excessive, inefficient and expensive solutions that get in the way of their day-to-day operations”, Lloyd Borrett pointed out.

“They understand the value proposition that AVG (AU/NZ) delivers and are asking us to help them transition to a better solution for their business”.

Lloyd Borrett inferred from CeBIT Australia 2008 that a large number of both consumer and business users were dissatisfied with the solutions they had. “Australians are very discerning when it comes to protecting the security of their information. People explained how unhappy they are with the way certain solutions now constantly get in their way, plus how they were no longer committed to constantly pay for upgrades and renewals”.

Lloyd Borrett added, “Most of our customers are buying the AVG Internet Security 8.0 full suite solution rather than entry-level protection. Thousands are also switching from the AVG Free Edition product straight to our full suite solution”.

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