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Sensor series renamed and relaunched

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PHYSICAL Acoustics Corporation (PAC), represented by ATTAR , has announced that the improved R## series sensor (R6, R15, R30 and R50) is now named Alpha Series sensor (R6a, R15a, R30a and R50a) and has been launched on the market.

The features of the Alpha Series Sensor are:

* The sensor uses an SMA connector which is more popular in industrial applications than the Microdot connector.

* The sensor cavity is machined from a solid stainless steel rod, resulting in better mechanical integrity and lower noise.

* Improved rigid sensor shoe construction that improves sensor mechanical and thermal reliability for severe environments.

* Higher insulation distance between the ceramic shoe and the sensor case and 300 bevel on lower sensor cavity to reduce grounding risk.

* Lower price.

PAC has started to accept the quotes and orders for the Alpha Series Sensor along with the R## series sensor. The whole product line of R## sensors will be ended and replaced by the Alpha Series Sensor in the near future.

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