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Valve actuator master module

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PROSOFT Technology, represented by ATS , has introduces the Limitorque (LTQ) valve actuator master module for Allen-Bradley's 1771, 1746 and ControlLogix platforms.

The LTQ modules allow Allen-Bradley processors to easily interface with Limitorque protocol compatible devices. These single slot solutions communicate directly over the backplane with the respective Allen-Bradley processors.

The modules support the Limitorque redundant loop network mode (up to 150 actuators) of communications as well as a single multi-drop network (up to 28 actuators).

Features include:

* Support for the storage and transfer of up to 150 valves to the processor's controller tags.

* Emulates Limitorque's Port A/B polling scheme using both ports on the module.

* Supports the following valves: MX/DDC Modbus; UEC-3-DDC Modbus; DDC-100M I/O Module; DDC-100M Field Unit; Valvcon IVO (unit in multi-drop mode only).

The LTQ modules install in any slot in a local or extended rack. The module's capabilities are enabled and controlled with simple ladder logic and data table initialisation.

Once the LTQ module has been setup for operation, all active valve actuators will automatically be polled for status data. Since the LTQ module is integrated directly into the PLC, SLC or ControlLogix rack, it forms a tightly integrated and practical solution.

All ProSoft Technology products come with a one year warranty and unlimited technical support.

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