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Real-time Ethernet ring switch

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article image Prioritised message delivery.

ATS has announced that SIXNET has introduced the 5 and 9 Port Ethernet switch, with real-time fault tolerant rings, improving functionality, reliability and performance through fast, fault tolerant network redundancy and other features especially suitable in critical real-time systems.

SIXNET real-time ring switches provide prioritised message delivery (traffic prioritisation), real-time fault tolerant network redundancy and are self-configurable for instant plug and play operation.

These features improve network utilisation and delivery of real-time data so the user can set priority assignments.

The new ET-5RS EtherTRAK real-time ring switch provides a recovery time of less than 5ms per hop and allows over 50 switches to be connected in a ring, making it especially suitable for real-time, deterministic control and distributed systems.

Features of the new SIXNET ring switch include real-time fault-tolerant rings, real-time traffic prioritisation (QoS & CoS), managed switch features, reliability and long-term support, and they are certified for harsh industrial environments.

Key advantages are: surviving network breaks, deterministic performance, avoiding complexity of managed switches, priority queuing, connect independent rings together, mix real-time rings and managed switches, and reliability.

SIXNET switches are UL, CSA and CE certified, have marine and hazardous ratings, MIL-STD-1275 surge protection and a -40°C to 85ºC operation temperature range.

There are several real-time ring switch models available, offering different combinations of copper and fibre ports, for connections up to 40km or more.

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