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Ethernet-managed Linux-based switch

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article image SIXNET’s truly open industrial Ethernet managed switch.

SIXNET distributor ATS has announced the introduction of the world's first truly open EtherTRAK industrial Ethernet managed switch.

The EtherTRAK Industrial Switch is an ultra-reliable programmable switch, with the flexibility of Linux and a more than one million hours MTBF (mean time between failure).

A fast redundant ring (with automatic switchover on a segment failure) ensures reliability of the network and provides real-time secure deterministic performance (SNMP network management, dual power inputs, self-test/alarm output contact, authentication and encryption features). It is built to detect and report network problems, often before they occur, and is designed for a rugged industrial environment (UL, CSA, CE certified and marine and hazardous ratings).

The switch is enhanced with extra IPm/RTU (remote terminal unit) capabilities for local I/O interfacing, time-stamped event and trend logging, alarm detection and reporting, industrial hardened computing features, and open source application tools.

For exchange of data it connects directly to SCADA systems or any of the many software solutions that talk the Modbus or SIXNET protocol. Detailed information can point directly to the source of errors and eliminate hours of frustration hunting down problems.

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