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ControlLogix oil and gas flow module

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PROSOFT Technology, represented by ATS , has released a new flow computer module, MVI56-AFC, for the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform, that allows integrated process control and flow computer capabilities in a single-slot, in-rack solution.

The module offers communication flexibility between the flow computer and Modbus devices, which is critical for pump stations and process plants.

Integration of the MVI56 into the ControlLogix rack is a cost-effective communication solution that ensures overall production efficiency.

The module supports 16-metre runs for the measurement hydrocarbon gases using the AGA 3, 7, 8 measurement standards, and API 2540 for hydrocarbon liquid flow measurement.

This facilitates custody transfer of products between two parties, and line balance for pipeline leak detection.

The three built-in Modbus ports provide on-line configuration access, allowing the user complete configuration access to the data table. One Modbus port can be configured as a master providing a Modbus interface to gas chromatographs for gas analysis or any other Modbus slave devices.

The AFC manager is Windows-based software which can be configured to meet individual needs. Operator data is displayed in user-selected engineering units and is designed to cope with demanding regimes.

To obtain its process inputs for the calculations, the module uses the process data collected by ControlLogix analogue I/O modules. The ControlLogix processor is responsible for transferring this data to the AFC module, which then calculates flow rates, accumulated volumes and accumulated mass.

The results of the calculations are transferred back to the processor for use in the application ladder logic, or for transfer to a SCADA host.

Log reporting for all security sensitive configuration data (e.g. orifice diameter) are date and time stamped and mapped to the local Modbus memory map. This data can be imported into any spreadsheet program and saved to disk or printed as hard copy.

The module is also available for the PLC and SLC platforms.

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