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ATS unveils new version of Inspect manufacturing quality software

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ATS Applied Tech Systems Pty Ltd  announces the latest release of ATS Inspect, an advanced quality control software for attribute and variable data collection in manufacturing.

ATS Inspect 5.5 manufacturing quality software is designed to reduce costs associated with scrap, rework, warranty claims and production bottlenecks in many different fields of manufacturing. The software works with existing systems to raise the quality of the manufacturing process and the final product.

Based on feedback from users, ATS has improved upon the Inspect manufacturing quality software, introducing several new features in the latest version.

Key new features in ATS Inspect 5.5 manufacturing quality software:

Reference Documents for Checklist Questions

Reference documents such as text files, PDFs and images can now be associated to checklist questions, which can then be viewed by the operator answering the checklist questions in Data Collect. The files that can be displayed are limited only by the available viewers installed on the client machine.

Checklist Question Filters

An optional filter will allow the operator to view only questions that haven’t been answered or contain an out of spec answer.

Oracle Databases

Customers running Oracle databases will now enjoy all of the existing and latest functionalities from version 4.1 to version 5.5.

Support for Languages with Double-Byte Characters

Users can add items to the database using languages with double-byte characters, enabling the data collection user interface to be displayed in languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Multiple Service Instances Allow Connections to Different Databases

It is now possible to run multiple instances of some services on the application server. Each service can then connect to a different database.

Tracking Point Groups in Triggers

Tracking point groups as well as individual tracking points can now be selected when creating Quantity per Time and Quantity per Unit triggers.

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