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ATS Wins Order to Implement Lean & Six Sigma at DEL MONTE Plants Worldwide

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article image Lean & Six Sigma Implementation at DEL MONTE Plants

ATS Applied Tech Systems Pty Ltd  has won an order to implement Lean & Six Sigma at DEL MONTE plants globally.

The DEL MONTE company is well known for the production of fresh fruit, fruit juice and fruit cans primarily based on tropical fruits such as pineapple, banana, mango and litchi.  

Together with ATS, DEL MONTE designed a roadmap for a global plant implementation of Lean & Six Sigma, part of a major improvement process that is planned to deliver substantial cost savings.

ATS won the full order after a Lean & Six Sigma training as well as consultancy awareness session on Lean/Six Sigma, which was held with the complete management team comprising of 20 participants.  

The session was conducted to explain what was required from the management (and organisation) to implement these improvement processes.

Training of local operational people

As the first step in the introduction of the Lean & Six Sigma methodologies, DEL MONTE has decided to train the auditing team and their local operational people. 

  • Training will be provided at their plantation in Thika, Kenya where DEL MONTE has established one of their canning and juice production plants.
  • Training will be provided to the Dubai auditing team in Thika.
  • A key part of the training is the different field sessions that cover the whole production process from plantation and harvesting to the filling & packaging and canning lines.
  • ATS will provide the training followed by initial consultancy sessions in order to form the teams as well as identify the first improvements and define a number of projects.
  • A ‘continuous improvement team’ will be formed and trained in the Lean & Six Sigma methodology and tools, followed by several brainstorming sessions to analyse and prioritise actions.

Different improvement projects to be identified and launched 

  • Six Sigma projects related to ‘Pineapple size variability analysis’
  • Improvement of the CIP (Clean in Place) processes
  • Ratio of Energy Consumption
  • Machine Breakdown Analysis
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) introduction starting in the ‘Filling & Packaging’ and the ‘Canning’ lines

The DEL MONTE teams are already excited about the enormous ‘motivational shot’ and some of them stated that: “our eyes are opened to all the new improvement tools so we can become much more efficient”. 

Sticky Lean

DEL MONTE chose ATS as the organisation with the most effective Lean & Six Sigma tools and training as well as a strong track record of success in making Lean stick; something ATS refers to as ‘Sticky Lean’.

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