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ATS CM4D v19 product quality validation software released for 64-bit

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ATS Applied Tech Systems Pty Ltd  announces the release of the latest version of the CM4D product quality validation software designed for 64-bit architecture support.

Version 19 of the ATS CM4D product quality validation software provides enhanced performance capabilities that will allow retrieval of inspection data, generate critical quality reports, analyse production problems, and prevent build issues more efficiently.

New features in ATS CM4D v19 include 64-bit support, CrypKey licensing and migration tools to assist with upgrading from a previous version.

64-bit Architecture Support

ATS CM4D’s availability as a 64-bit application will allow the software to use modern 64-bit computer systems to their full potential, both in processing power and memory utilisation. Although the web-based applications are not 100% 64-bit, one will still benefit from the improved performance of the 64-bit CM4D services, and the CM4D client run by the web services. ATS CM4D v19 is also available as a 32-bit application for users with 32-bit operating systems.

CrypKey Licensing

CrypKey licensing will replace FlexLM and previous versions of CrypKey licenses. All upgrades to v19 will require a new license; users with a current SMA will receive a new license with their upgrades.

Migration for Existing Installations

Users upgrading to v19 from a previous version of CM4D will need to perform a one-time migration of all existing DataSmith translators, DataSmith batch settings, and database passwords. The necessary migration tools are included with the v19 installation packages.

ATS CM4D is a suite of applications designed to fill the gap between the virtual design world of computer aided design (CAD) and the physical world of manufacturing.

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