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ATC Industries  offers different types of lawn mowers. Electric lawn mower from ATC Industries is available in various forms such as LM 300, LM 310 and LM320B.

Electric lawn mower LM300 comes with frequency rate of 50-60 Hz, rated input power is 900 W, no load speed is 2800 RPM, cutting width is 300 MM and cutting height is 26/41/56 MM.

Cordless lawn mower is operated with battery. The lead acid battery is used and can be charged up to 5-7 hours. The input power rated is 900 W, load speed is 5000 RPM. The cutting width is 300 MM and height is 35/55/65 MM.

ATC Industries offers water sander and knife sharpener which has an input power of 45 W; the rate of frequency is 50-60 Hz and comes with wheel size 100 x 20 x 16 mm. Water sander and knife sharpener is ideal for sharpening scissors, dinner knives, kitchen knives and nail clippers.

Electric high pressure washer from ATC Industries is available in various models. High pressure washer HW 65 has brush type motor, maximum pressure is 120 bars, rate of voltage is 110V-240 and rate of frequency is 50 - 60HZ. The flow of water is 5.5 L per minute. The inlet water temperature is 60 degree Celsius.

ATC Industries also provides wide range of electric grass trimmers and electric brush cutters. Electric grass trimmers are further classified into various types including GT 450, GT 200, GT 350 and so on.

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