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ATC Industries offers Cordless tools and Chain saw tools

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ATC Industries  is also specialist in offering cordless tools. Cordless tools supplied by ATC Industries includes cordless angle grinder, cordless circular saw, air pumps, cordless spiral saw, cordless vacuum cleaners, cordless flare tool and so on.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are available in two forms such as CVC 01 and CVC02. Cordless vacuum cleaner 01 comes with battery capacity Ni-Cd1.2Ah-1.7Ah Ni-MH 1.5Ah-2.0Ah and works in voltage 7.2 V -1.8 V.

Cordless chain saw from ATC Industries works on battery NI-CD or NI-MH, switch comes with variable brakes, voltage is 18V, can be operated at a speed of 1700 RPM, the cutting speed is 3.1 m/s and cutting length is 8 inches.

Chain saw tools such as gasoline chainsaw are also provided by ATC Industries. This gasoline chainsaw comes with air cooling single cylinder and two stroke engine types. The displacement is 46 cm cube; maximum cutting diameter is 500 MM. The idling speed is 2800 – 3400 RPM, capacity of fuel tank is 550 ml and rated output power is 2000 W.

Chain saw sharpener works at a maximum speed of 4200 RPM, the rate of frequency is 50-60 Hz and rated input power is 85 W. Chain saw sharpener also includes 4-1/4"x1/8"grinding wheel. Electric chain saw has rated input power of 1800 W, the brake time is ≤0.12s and length of the bar is 355MM or 405MM.

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