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Spectrophotometer and Avestin C5 biotech processor from ATA Scientific

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Biotech – Protein instruments supplied by ATA Scientific includes spectrophotometer for protein applications, cell and particle imaging, protein conformation and interaction, cell rupture and liposome processors, protein characterisation and so on.

Spectrophotometer is widely used for life science and protein applications. V-630 spectrophotometer from ATA Scientific is a remote module designed for clinical and biological analysis.

This Spectrophotometer is built with programmes related to bio applications including temperature ramping or DNA melting analysis, kinetics measurement and analysis and protein quantitative analysis program with six different calibration methods.

This V-630 spectrophotometer comes with a 6/8-position automatic Peltier cell changer for micro cells, a 4 µL 8-position Turret micro cell holder and other sampling accessories.

Avestin C5 biotech processor is a lab scale homogeniser which reduces droplets and particles from micron to nanometre sizes. This Emulsiflex system works on the principle of dynamic high pressure homogenisation. The C5 biotech processor has an air driven pump which provides a homogenising pressure up to 30,000 psi (207 MPa). The minimum processing volume of this processor is 7ml with a maximum flow rate of 5L/Hr.

The Emulsiflex C5 comes with a homogenising valve and it can be disassembled for cleaning or inspection. Sub micron particles having diameters less than 50nm can be obtained. Emulsiflex C5 is also equipped with a high pressure filter. The applications of this product include extrusion of liposomes through membranes and sterile filtration at high pressure.

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