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Polarimetres and spectrometers from ATA Scientific

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ATA Scientific  offers spectroscopy instruments including polarimetres, fluorescence spectroscopy and CD spectrometer.

Jasco P-2000 Polarimeter from ATA Scientific is a multi-option polarimeter. It is a simple unit which can be operated through a PC or with the help of Spectra Manager, which is a Windows based software. Spectra Manager Windows software is a powerful 32 bit platform which helps in controlling P-2000 as well as the other Jasco spectroscopy instruments. This software enables display and analysis of spectral data.

Jasco Ventuno micro Raman spectrometer is a research grade spectrometer. This spectrometer offers high throughput and singly-dispersive optics. It has visible, NIR excitation lasers with software switching, the laser component present inside is a 30 mW green (532 nm) solid-state laser.

Other features include high quantum-efficiency TE cooled CCD detector, Spectra Manager software for handling the data and controlling the instrument, macro sampling option on micro sample stage with one-touch optics. It also has holographic Rayleigh rejection notch filters which can be exchanged in seconds.

HPLC detectors include chiral detector, fluorescence detector, chemiluminescence detector and size exclusion chromatography detector. Chiral detector is useful since there is an increasing demand for chiral chromatography in drug, natural product analysis, biochemical and organic synthesis.

The new Jasco CD-995 was developed using the CD Spectropolarimeter technology as an innovative CD (Circular Dichroism) detector to meet HPLC requirements. CD-995 detector helps in determining both UV absorption and Circular Dichroism in the same cell for direct determination of optical purity.

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