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article image Includes a high resolution spectrum analyser function.

ASD Technology Pty Ltd’s TV Explorer has been designed for the installation, maintenance and surveillance of terrestrial, satellite and cable TV systems.

The TV Explorer automatically provides users with all the information about the channels available in the network and their quality.

It does not require any preliminary information about the signals to be measured, so that it can detect the type of signal, the standard, the modulation type, symbol rates, etc.

This instrument is setting new standards in the way installers make and understand measurements.

The TV Explorer has an impressive new range of functions developed to easily measure and detect impairments in both digital and analogue systems.

The Explorer's compact and rugged construction makes it ideal for field use.

A 5" colour LCD shows all the measurements and the picture of analogue and digital channels.

It includes a high resolution spectrum analyser function with a new intelligent way to directly control the display of signals on the screen.

It is suitable for this TV transition period from analogue to digital, as it covers a wide range of standards - PAL/SECAM/NTSC in analogue and COFDM/QPSK/QAM in digital.

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