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Ultra high power CVD chip terminations and resistors

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EMC Technology, represented by ASD Technology in Australia and New Zealand, has launched a new line of surface mount (CT) chip terminations and (CR) chip resistors with ultra high power ratings. These terminations and resistors may be used in applications from dc to 18.0GHz and are suitable for military and space applications because of their high power capability and small, light weight size.

Our tiny 50 mil sq (1.27mm sq) CR0505D resistor achieves a power rating of up to 50W, while our 100 mil sq (2.54mm sq) CR1010D resistor is rated to 150W. In terminations, a 50 mil sq (1.27mm sq) CT0505D offers power handling capabilities up to 50W while the 0.130 X 0.100 (3.30mm X 2.54mm) CT1310D termination operates up to 150W.

For weight restrictions in military and space flight applications, the CR and CT ultra high power chip terminations and resistors weigh only 0.015 grams in the 100 mil square (2.54 mm) design while the 50 mil sq (1.27mm sq) design weighs only .003 grams.

Increase the reliability rating with EMC’s Mil-PRF-55342 high reliability fully tested devices by adding the prefix ‘HR’ to the part number and including a testing designator such as ‘A’ for Group A, ‘B’ for Group B or ‘C’ for Group C, or before the ‘D’ in the part number.

Group ‘B’ life-tested parts will ship with complete RF testing data after 1000 hours of life test burn-in. Qualification Tested (QCI) Group C tested devices will ship with full supporting data.

EMC’s ultra high power CVD terminations and resistors are lead free and RoHS compliant. Custom designed sizes, tight tolerance and tuned performance for narrow band frequency responses are available upon request.

The company’s ultra high power line of chip terminations and resistors are patent pending, but available now exclusively from EMC Technology through ASD Technology.

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