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New multipliers for microwave radio applications

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HITTITE Microwave Corporation, represented by ASD Technology Pty Ltd in Australia and New Zealand, has introduced seven new Active x2 Frequency Multipliers which allow radio designers to achieve continuous output frequency coverage from 5 to 46 GHz.

Each of these Active x2 Frequency Multipliers provide excellent fundamental and subharmonic suppression in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, VSAT, and military applications.

The HMC576, HMC578, and HMC579 Active x2 frequency multipliers are offered in bare die form and are comprised of an input amplifier, a low conversion loss frequency doubler, and an output buffer amplifier. These Active x2 frequency multipliers operate with an input drive level of +3 dBm and provide between +12 dBm and +16 dBm of output power.

By using these three Active x2 Frequency Multipliers, radio designers can achieve continuous output frequency coverage from 18 to 46 GHz.

For applications where a SMT RoHS compatible package is required, the HMC575LP4 (E), HMC576LC3B, HMC577LC4, and the HMC578LC3B Active x2 Multipliers provide output frequencies from 5 to 33 GHz.

Designers will benefit from the increased output power capability of these new multipliers which ranges from +12 to +21 dBm, and enables them to directly drive many of Hittite's Double-Balanced and I/Q MMIC Mixer products. The HMC578LC3B is ideal for driving the LO port of the new HMC560LM3 24 to 40 GHz Double-Balanced Mixer.

The HMC578LC3B also provides several dB of output power margin, allowing designers the option to place a bandpass filter between the two components if required.

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