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Double-balanced and image reject mixers

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article image Image rejection and LO to RF isolation are up to 40dB and 50dB respectively.

HITTITE Microwave Corporation, represented by ASD Technology in Australia, has released two SMT GaAs MMIC I/Q mixers and an SMT GaAs MMIC double-balanced mixer for VSAT, microwave radio, test equipment and sensor applications from 4GHz to 16GHz.

For applications where a surface mount package is required, the HMC527 and HMC528 are available in RoHS-compliant, 4mm x 4mm leadless SMT packages. The HMC527LC4 and the HMC528LC4 GaAs MMIC I/Q mixers provide RF/LO coverage from 8.5GHz to 16GHz, with Input IP3 up to +28dBm and IF bandwidth as wide as dc to 3.5GHz. Image rejection and LO to RF isolation are up to 40dB and 50dB respectively.

The SMT I/Q MMIC mixers offer significantly reduced PCB area, more consistent performance, and excellent amplitude and phase balance compared to a discrete implementation.

The HMC129LC4 is a 4GHz to 8GHz GaAs MMIC double-balanced mixer which exhibits 7dB conversion loss and LO to RF and LO to IF isolations of up to 40dB. This passive mixer requires no external components, operates over a wide LO drive input of +9dBm to +15dBm, and is suitable for both upconverter and downconverter applications in VSAT, fixed wireless and microwave radio. The HMC129LC4 is housed in a lead-free and RoHS-compliant 4mm x 4mm SMT package.

Each of these mixers is fabricated on a mature, reliable and production-qualified, high-volume GaAs MESFET process.

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