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Broadband amplifier module to 12GHz

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article image BBTBA broadband amplifier module.

WENZEL Associates, represented by ASD Technology in Australia and New Zealand, has released the BBTBA broadband amplifier module with characterised phase noise performance.

A wide selection of amplifiers provides flexibility in setting gain and input/output levels.

For convenience, ASD’s most popular amplifiers are offered as standard options or an alternative 4-lead Micro-X, SOT89 or 2012 packaged amp may be specified by the user.

Phase noise is verified at 5MHz or 100MHz unless otherwise specified. Custom connector sex is available.

If the amplifier is to be operated at a single frequency or band, the nominal frequency may be added to the end of the part number and the components will be selected to give optimum performance at that frequency.

For example, more gain might be realised with some loss in broadband flatness.

Typical specifications:

* Harmonics: < -25dBc

* Input/Output VSWR < 2:1

* Power Supply: +15V dc


* Characterised Phase Noise

* Frequency to 12GHz

* Micro-X, SOT89 or 2012 Amps

* (1 x 1 x 0.55")

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