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Automatic air dehydrator for earth station applications

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article image Includes dual air pumps.

ENVIRONMENTAL Technology, Inc. has released an Automatic Air Dehydrator for earth station applications, the Model ADH-3COM. It is available exclusively through ASD Technology in Australia and New Zealand.

Benefits of the model include improved earth station reliability, high energy efficiency, unattended operation and international capability.

Features include:

* Automatic regeneration

* Direct digital control

* LED displays for operating and alarm data

* 120/230V 50/60Hz operation standard

* English and SI calibration standard

* S-A and terminal communication protocols

* Dual air pumps

* CE Certification

* UL 1950/IEC 950.

The ADH–3COM automatic dehydrator supplies low pressure -40°F (-40°C) maximum dew point air to keep waveguide and coax dry.

The standard pressure is 0.5psig (34.5mbar) with 3psig (207mbar) and 6psig (414mbar) options.

Standard features include automatic regeneration, alarm and low pressure relays and an RS-422/RS-485 communications interface, thus making unattended operation practical.

The ADH–3COM uses LED displays and indicators to provide a wide viewing angle and good visibility under low-light conditions.

Displayed information includes status, operating and fault diagnosis data along with air pump operating time.

The ADH–3COM operates with exceptionally low noise and vibration levels. The dehydrator uses aluminum oxide desiccant for high efficiency. The humidity sensor causes regeneration based upon current dew point rather than at fixed time intervals for additional energy savings and long desiccant life.

Dual micro controllers, dual pumps and solid state circuitry insure reliability. Two ADH-3COM dehydrators can be connected in master/slave configuration to provide redundancy and increase reliability.

The ADH–3COM requires only 5-1/4" of panel space. An internal evaporator eliminates the need for a water drain.

The dehydrator operates from 120/230V 50/60Hz or optionally, 24Vdc or 48Vdc. A user-set jumper selects the display of either SI or English units.

The ADH–3COM consumes a maximum of 150VA during regeneration and approximately 60VA otherwise. Thus, this product creates an exceptionally low heat load for an automatic dehydrator.

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