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Automated preselector filter

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article image Measures CATV system network performance specifications.

TRILITHIC, represented in Australia by ASD Technology , has introduced the DCVF-5 automated preselector filter.

It is designed for quick, accurate and repeatable measurements of CATV system network performance specifications. It can switch signal paths through the T7-T13 fixed filters and tuning the 55MHz-880MHz variable filter bank under GPIB or front panel user control. Signal bypass and termination modes are provided as well as an integrated 20dB preamplifier for quick and flexible testing configurations.

It provides the preselection needed for the accurate measurement of composite triple beat, cross modulation and other spurious signals in a working CATV system. Placed between a test instrument and the CATV system test point it will block all un-needed signals, passing only the carrier or spectrum to be analysed to the instrument's input.

By eliminating input overload it can improve an instrument's reliable measurement range by as much as 30dB. By using the GPIB control bus interface, the preselection filter is tuned concurrent with the test instrument, significantly reducing the time to obtain data for complex measurements.

The preselector can also be used to extend the range and accuracy of fibre optic measurements. Composite second-order and system noise tests require filters with the best possible selectivity and shape factors. The DCVF-5 filter banks meet these stringent requirements for testing modern CATV systems using fibre optic transport. Custom filter arrangements for the DCVF-5 are also available.

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