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Gypsum cement, epoxy resins and polishing papers from ARMS Model IT

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ARMS Model IT  is a reputed supplier of a range of moulding and casting products, epoxy resins, final sanding, polishing papers and pads. ARMS Model IT supplies products from reputed suppliers like Barnes, PSI Kneadatite, Magic-Sculpt and Micro–Surface Finishing Products Inc.

The HYDROCAL WHITE from ARMS Model IT is a Good multi-purpose product made from neutral gypsum cement having a typical setting time of 25 minutes. The HYDROCAL WHITE’s setting expansion is twice that of pottery plaster or moulding plaster. The HYDROCAL WHITE is ideal for both solid and hollow casting of lamp bases and figurines.

The HYDROSTONE TB from ARMS Model IT is one of the strongest HYDROCAL Brand products. HYDROSTONE TB is used for producing quality novelty and statuary castings requiring exceptionally hard surfaces. HYDROSTONE TB is self-levelling when poured and is not suitable for hollow cast applications. The HYDROSTONE TB has high water absorption resistance and works well with plaster and most flexible moulding compounds.

The ULTRACAL 30 is widely used gypsum cement and has one of the lowest expansion rates. The ULTRACAL 30 from ARMS Model IT is ideal for casting epoxy resins, polyester as well as being for casting of foam latex. The ULTRACAL 30 has high strength and tends not to warp.

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