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Casting alloys and polyurethane mouldings from ARMS Model IT

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The ALGINMAX from ARMS Model IT is an alginate impression material that complies with the ISO 1563:1990 standard. The ALGINMAX has a very low setting time of around two minutes. The ALGINMAX is lead and cadmium free, low dust material that has excellent biocompatibility.

The Accu-Cast supplied by ARMS Model IT is a sophisticated irreversible hydrocolloid moulding material. The Accu-Cast comes in four grades, the IBG (Imperial Body Gel), 390 S2, LS680 (used for full head moulds) and 880. These variants are formulated to have high tear strength, low shrinkage rates, fine grain, and a warm water mix. The Accu-Cast range is ideal for use as moulding material in the special effects and makeup industry.

Plaster bandage from ARMS Model IT is ideal as a fast case mould over flexible moulding and rigid case over alginate lifecasts. The plaster bandage is available under the Economy Universal or Gypsona Brands.

ARMS Model IT supplies a range of casting alloys like the JA12 Casting Pewtor, JA6 Casting Pewtor and the BT ORE low melt alloy for use in Ultrasil. The Adjustable Mould Box from ARMS Model IT makes it easy to create the right size container field to house the mould the customer wants to make. Chemicals and solvents like Isopropyl Alcohol are also available from ARMS Model IT.

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