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AR Cash Flow advise on how purchase order finance can benefit businesses

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Purchase order finance is one of the best ways for a business to get almost instant access to funds according to AR Cash Flow .

Most businesses face a cash crunch at some time or other, particularly when suppliers are waiting to be paid, and there is no way accounts receivables can be collected within the next thirty days. With purchase order financing, purchase orders can be leveraged for either cash or credit advances to suppliers. The best part of this is, new orders can be accepted even if cash flow is low, because purchase order financing will fund operations. Most of all, the biggest advantage is that businesses can now grow without worrying about operational costs.

How Purchase Order Finance Works

Purchase order finance can be viewed as an advance receipt of funds against purchase orders. The purchase order finance company pays suppliers for the raw material needed to buy to produce the goods against a purchase order. When invoices are due for payment from customers, the PO finance company receives this payment in lieu of the funds they have given, and charge a fee for the service. In effect, instead of getting the order, paying the supplier and delivering the goods to your customer and then finally waiting to receive your payment, you can now receive your payment along with your purchase order.

PO finance is easy to use. The work flow can be summarized as follows:

  • You receive a purchase order from your customer
  • The purchase order finance company issues a letter of credit or pays cash to your supplier
  • Your supplier then manufactures or ships your goods
  • Your supplier then delivers your goods directly to your customer
  • Your client settles the invoice to the purchase order finance company and completes the transaction
For a business, the benefits of purchase order financing are:

  • It is a no-debt finance solution which funds your business from its own purchase orders
  • You don’t have to go through a bank loan application and the possibility of rejection
  • Purchase order finance gives you cash savings that you can use
  • You no longer have to refuse orders just because you don’t have the funds to take care of the operating costs
  • You can accept large orders, growing your company since you have the money to look after wages, materials, etc
  • You don’t have to worry about collections, since the purchase order finance company takes care of it
  • Your credit standing does not matter; instead, your client’s creditworthiness is more important

Purchase order finance is the ideal funding option for companies that are keen to grow their business. Compared to bank finance, PO finance is easy to qualify for and does not impose restraints.

Just about any kind of business can benefit from this financing method using it as a tool to enable them realize their dreams of rapid growth and profits. In fact, many businesses combine purchase order finance and invoice factoring, to enjoy the advantage of bringing down the total cost of the transaction.

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