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AR Cash Flow - Choosing the right invoice finance partner

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article image Choosing the right invoice finance partner is not just about getting working capital

According to AR Cash Flow , Invoice finance is a partnership between a financier and a business and the people in that business. Most invoice finance providers are happy to provide cash when everything is going well, but when things aren't going well, it is important to find a partner that will work to get a result. Careful consideration needs to be given to the level of service given during the bad times.

Where personalised service is required, a business needs to find a provider which sees its clients as more than just numbers. They need to know that they will always be dealing with the same person and they need someone they can rely on.

Some invoice financiers actually have hundreds or even thousands of clients. In such cases, interests tend to become part of a financial management process. Insufficient time and imagination are allocated to individual clients.

For small businesses, getting working capital when it is needed is only part of the solution. Streamlining the collection and invoice finance process can deliver solid gains to the bottom line, reduce finance costs and increase profitability.

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