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Zero maintenance inkjet with fast dry inks

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In a world first, APS has launched the Apsolute inkjet printer into the international packaging industry as a unique solution to the growing number of end users demanding maintenance free, clean and odourless, environmentally friendly and cost effective primary and secondary coding solutions for their production lines.

Apsolute has no moving parts and consequently no maintenance, no adjustments, no alignments and no start-up or shut-down procedures. At the weekend or holiday periods there's no need to do anything - simply walk away. It is a mono-fluid system using only ink which avoids the odour, contamination and storage of flammable solvents normally associated with inkjet printers.

By integrating APS electronic innovation with multi-substrate fast dry ink, Apsolute is able to code on most non-porous and porous materials used in the packaging industry. This feature means that the same Apsolute printer can be used in all areas of the production line, from primary to secondary applications. The same printer means less training, greater flexibility and better asset utilisation.

Apsolute is available in three models, the Essential, Dynamic and Universal and if required can code independent information (different messages) on up to four separate printheads, all operating on different production lines. A broad range of print resolution is available allowing Apsolute to print up to 32 lines of text, real time date, counters, barcodes, graphic images and complex characters per system. And colour change can be completed in less than 30 seconds.

Apsolute is manufactured by APS in Germany and supported in Australia by the local subsidiary.

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