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THE Alternative Printing Services (APS) group specialises in industrial marking and coding using ink jet technology.

APS offer a large range of services including consumables, service, spare parts and maintenance for most industrial ink jet marking equipment (such as Domino, Imaje, Linx, Videojet, Willett etc).

APS can provide economical consumables, spare parts and services for industrial ink jet printers.

With well over 100 references of different products, APS is one of the largest suppliers on the market.

They are able to develop and produce special inks on demand according to customer’s specific requests and needs. APS also supply consumables for large character ink jet printers.

With all Alternative Printing Services products customers can be sure they will be able to change without any preparation as all products are of excellent quality, 100% compatible with the original products and no refitting is required when making the change.

The use of APS’ consumables in no way affects the safety of ink jet printers.

APS’ range of products include:

* Inks

* Additives (make-up, solvent, top-up)

* Cleaner (wash, cleaning solution)

Used additives and cleaners supplied by APS can be disposed of via APS in accordance with local regulations. Customers just collect used APS fluids in a special recycling container supplied by the company and return the full container to APS.

APS can only arrange disposal of consumables for products delivered by APS.

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