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APS - Alternative Printing Services launch Apsolute thermal ink jet printers that use fast dry inks

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APS - Alternative Printing Services  supply fluids, inks, additives and make-up products for all major brands of industrial ink jet printers. APS - Alternative Printing Services also supply consumables to major brands of ink jet printers and offer a maintenance free alternative ink jet technology suited to the marking and coding of packaged products.

APS - Alternative Printing Services have launched Apsolute thermal ink jet printer, along with APS patented technology that extends the use of high alcohol content fast dry inks suited to coding nonporous primary packaging.

The old days of high maintenance ClJ, service technicians, ink stained floors, handling of dangerous flammable liquids and exclusive supply agreements are being replaced with clean, maintenance free, environment-friendly ink. In the current environment, thermal ink jet offers the greatest potential to provide a single technology to address the fundamental needs of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

APS - Alternative Printing Services recognised the benefits offered by thermal ink jet that include self maintenance through disposable cartridges, scalability and simplicity. So, APS - Alternative Printing Services undertook a significant development project to engineer a proprietary driver pioneering high alcohol content, fast dry inks suited to coding non-porous primary packaging materials.

The result was the launch in 2007 of the Apsolute. A significant number of marking and coding packaging requirements are legislatively governed, forming a critical link in the production chain, and are installed in no-print-no-production locations.

The Apsolute thermal ink jet has no moving parts such as pumps, motors, filters, tubes, solenoid valves, and membranes. The Apsolute thermal ink jet is maintenance-free and allows the user to get on with the job without having to worry endlessly about the up-time of the marking and coding equipment. Any potential problems are resolved simply by replacing a print cartridge, a task that takes no more than five seconds.

By empowering a manufacturer with the ability to 'repair' potential problems with the simple exchange of a cartridge, the Apsolute eliminates time, expense, lost production and increases efficiency, productivity and sustainability in all packaging situations.

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