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Sumitomo’s Paramax BOSS Conveyor Gear Drives available from APMS

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Sumitomo’s conveyor gear drives, available from APMS are some of the toughest and most reliable gear drives used in conveyor applications.  

Conveyors place heavy demands on power transmission drives in any industry. Some of the factors that impact the equipment running these conveyors include tough operating conditions, high shock loads and harsh environments.  

Power transmission drives must be tough, reliable and efficient to operate in any environment. Sumitomo Drive Technologies meet the demanding needs of power transmission products with their line of conveyor gear drives.  

Standardised BOSS Conveyor Gear Drive Series  

Built on almost six decades of Sumitomo excellence in power transmission engineering, Paramax 9000 conveyor drives are optimised for precise horsepower, torque, speed and duty cycle ensuring long life as well as cost-effective and efficient operation.  

Key features of Paramax BOSS Conveyor Gear Drives

  • 10 housing sizes for more precise unit selection and optimised applications
  • Higher ratings with a 25° pressure angle and wider gear tooth face
  • Universal housings accommodate flippable horizontal applications
  • Modular design simplifies installation
  • Fan and shroud design delivers increased thermal capacity, cooler operation and longer service life
  • Optimised gear tooth profile for gearing accuracy, low wear and quiet operation
  • Rugged cast iron housing is designed to minimise deflection under load
  • Global standardisation, availability and support from Sumitomo Worldwide

Designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the materials handling industry, Sumitomo’s BOSS conveyor drive series offers numerous features to cut costs, increase usability and decrease downtime.  

Design Features  

Hollow Output Shaft

Shaft mounted reducers are available with a hollow output shaft design. The hollow shaft can be either keyed or shrink disc type.  

Flippable Design

Flippable design increases mounting versatility and reduces inventory costs for applications requiring spare units.  

Cooling Fan

Optimised design provides maximum cooling efficiency.  

Dust Proof

Anti-dust air breather and taconite seals are standard for operation in dusty areas.  

Oil Bath Lubrication

Oil bath lubrication allows for full range of operating speeds without the need for forced lubrication systems.  

Split Housing

All BOSS conveyor gear drives feature split gear cases.

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