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Sumitomo Paramax 9000 series drive gearboxes available from APMS

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article image Sumitomo Paramax 9000 series drive gearbox

APMS  have built a conveyor drive package that is 20m long, 950mm wide and operates with an incline of 15 degrees. The conveyor motor is 45kw, 4 pole, 415V, MEPS 2, high efficiency, flange mounted unit.

APMS Sumitomo Paramax 9000 series is shaft mounted, double reduction, hollow output shaft, bevel helical drive gearbox that is fitted with an inbuilt anti run-back and flexible coupling between the motor and input shaft. The Sumitomo Paramax 9000 series drive gearbox offers 120rpm output shaft speed.

Sumitomo Paramax newly designed high capacity cooling fan fitted on the input shaft offers an increase in the thermal capacity of the gearbox range. With 24 sizes available, the Sumitomo Paramax cooling fan is suitable for rugged mining applications.

Sumitomo Paramax cooling fan is suitable for materials handling, mixing, agitating, crushing, cooling towers and filters presses. The torque arm assembly fitted to this conveyor drive offers support of the overhung load, preventing fatigue cracking of electric motor housing, bell housings and coupling damage. Sumitomo Paramax mixer/thickener drive is built for 6m and 9m diameter tanks.

Sumitomo Paramax mixer/thickener has the following specifications:

  • 0.75kw input, 4 pole 415v motor on 6m diameter tank and .75kw input, 6 pole, 415v motor on the 9m diameter tank.
  • Reduction ratio on Sumitomo Cyclodrive agitator/mixer drive with inbuilt torque limiter (bidirectional) is 4437:1 offering 0.326rpm and 0.220rpm respectively.

This unit offers 7000nm of output torque (preset) for the application. If the value exceeds, the torque limiter shuts the drive down and does not cause any breakage. When the fault is found and cleared, the torque limiter can be reset to start the process again.

Sumitomo Paramax’s torque limiters are field adjustable enabling the torque values to be adjusted over a range (25%) of their preset value without factory parts or equipment replacement.

Sumitomo Paramax’s agitator/mixer drive is equipped as standard with a reinforced base that can withstand upward and downward thrust movements, and also has a flange fitted to the output shaft to enable easy connection to the rake shaft.

This drive unit built as one of the two thickener drives is fitted with an electrically controlled lifting device, which can raise and lower the drive with the rake attached to enable checking of the condition of the rake blades or to clear any obstructions within the tank.

The lifting device uses 4 Sumitomo Cyclodrive screw jacks with brake motors fitted with encoders. To raise the platform evenly, the 4 drive motors are programmed through Sumitomo VSDs, using one motor as the master and the other three motors as slaves. The master Sumitomo screw jack is fitted with a limit switch at the top and bottom of stroke to prevent any chance of over running. The master Sumitomo screw jack is a standard factory built equipment and spare parts are obtainable as standard items with a part number system from the factory or agents.

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