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Sumitomo Mixer/Thickener Drives with torque limiters from APMS

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APMS  are supplying Sumitomo Mixer/Thickener drives with an inbuilt torque limiter (bi-directional) and 7,000nm of output torque. If the maximum value is exceeded the torque limiter prevents damage by shutting down the drive.

After the fault is found and cleared, the process will begin again. The Sumitomo mixer drives enable torque values to be altered from the preset value without factory parts or equipment as the torque limiters are field adjustable.

The Agitator/Mixer drives are quipped as standard with a reinforced base that enables resistance against high shock loads. The rake is fitted to the output shaft enabling easy connection to the rake shaft.

An electrically controlled lifting device can raise and lower one of the two thickener drives to enable checking of the rake blades or to remove material build up from the rake blades.

Four drive motors are programmed through Sumitomo VSD’s using one motor as the switch to raise the platform evenly. The lifting device uses 4 Sumitomo Screw Jacks and brake motors fitted with encoders.

The master Sumitomo Screw Jack is fitted with a limit switch at top and bottom of stroke to prevent any chance of over running.

Parts can be obtained world wide from Sumitomo agents as the system is all standard factory built equipment.

For your next project requiring Gearbox or Gearmotors, or for further information on our Sumitomo Cyclodrive Mixer/Thickener Drive please contact APMS.

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