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Sumitomo Cyclodrive screw jacks available from APMS

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APMS  have released Sumitomo Cyclodrive driven machine screw type/screw jacks. These jacks are built in sets of four for raising and lowering platforms evenly and accurately on repetitive cycles. Operating as a suspended travelling nut, screw jacks have the following specifications:

  • Input: Kw = .55, 4pole, 415v, 50hZ, IP56, brake motor fitted with Sick encoder.
  • Controls: Operating in sets of 4, 1 as Master x 3 Slaves, driven with 4 x Sumitomo HF3214 VSDs

Screw jacks are programmed to operate with 1 as Master and 3 as Slaves and with the motor shaft mounted encoders. These jacks can ensure that the motors turn uniformly when combined with the electric/spring brakes and limit switches. The top and bottom of the Master units stroke allows the platform to be raised and lowered for repetitive cycles without losing its datum.

Screw jacks are fitted with 32mm, 6mm pitch screw thread and the Sumitomo Cyclodrive. The gear ratio is 43:1, which gives a cycle time of 90 seconds to cover a 300mm stroke, lifting a load of 1,300kg. The service factor is 7.6. The weight of each unit is 22kg including the screw, travelling nut and support bearing.

There are a range of options available and speeds can be controlled by a range of ratios. The Sumitomo Cyclodrive reducer and electric motors can be replaced with hydraulic or air motors. Explosion proof DIP or EXCH motors can also be fitted to meet with OH&S requirements.

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