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SEISA GC Gear Coupling Available from APMS

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APMS  supplies GC gear couplings from SEISA. GC coupling is constructed by the mesh between the internal spur gear of the coupling case and crowned external spur gear of the coupling centre.  

Featuring involute tooth profile and special design for the top and bottom of the teeth, the GC gear coupling will ensure uniform speed and smooth power transmission even if a slight tilt occurs between the coupling case and centre.  

With two gear meshes, GC-SSM and GC-CCM can always keep the case in the neutral position and transmit power smoothly despite offset alignment, angular misalignment and axial gap.    

With a single gear mesh, GC-SEM and GC-CEM can accommodate angular misalignment and axial gap.  

Features of GC Gear Coupling:

  • Torque is fully transmitted even if misalignment of shaft centre or vibration occurs
  • Misalignment or tilt of connected shafts during operation will be automatically adjusted
  • Flexible couplings with high wear resistance and toughness
  • Assembly and removal of the coupling is easy
  • Misalignment of rotation angle between two shafts caused by deflection of coupling cannot happen unlike conventional flexible coupling
  • Suitable for the joint of line-shaft, high-speed usage and heavy-load usage

Features of M Series Coupling

  • Available in four types
  • Bore diameter of shaft is in compliance with JIS code while coupling’s overall diameter is made more compact contributing to cost savings
  • As the coupling centre is longer compared to the coupling case width, shafts can be easily aligned by moving the coupling case within the range of boss length, also making teeth inspection easier
  • Type GC-SMM for mill motor is in compliance with JEM-1109 standard
  • Upright types (GC-MV, GC-SV) and spacer types (GC-SAM, GC-CAM) are standardised with the oil seal cover to prevent oil leakage
  • Type MH, whose transmission capacity is increased by heat treatment is standardised
  • Sleeve type GL is also available in a compact size

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