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RFID solutions provided by Apex Automation and Robotics

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article image APEX Automation and Robotics provide a range of RFID solutions

Australian company, APEX Automation and Robotics , is an RFID solutions provider who can supply both hardware and application software.

Radio Frequency Identification technology, better known as RFID, uses radio waves to remotely store and retrieve information on tags. These tags contain an IC chip which can then be embedded into a range of items, including the sticky labels, or more familiar to most, the plastic cards used to gain access to an office or apartment block.

RFID technology has quickly become an ideal solution for tollway payments, book lending at libraries, and office access for employees, as well as a range of applications in the freighting, shipping, and warehousing and logistics industries.

With reading distances ranging from a few centimetres to several metres, RFID technology allows the remote retrieval of data with no line-of-sight necessary, as well as paperless transactions.

APEX Automation and Robotics has provided RFID solutions in a range of capacities, including:

  • integrating an RFID tag encoding and printing system into client’s data base
  • RFID tracking of products in a production line; and
  • matching parts in an assembly line using RFID technology.

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