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New automatic bagger for plastic bottles from APEX Automation and Robotics

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article image AB 410S automatic bagger
Leading automation supplier for the plastic blow moulding industry, APEX Automation and Robotics has introduced a new range of automatic baggers to its product range.
APEX Automation and Robotics offers a wide range of automation machines including robotic systems to handle plastic bottles, jars and containers. The versatile product range assists their clients meet the challenges of increasing production by eliminating manual operations and improving quality.
The AB 410S automatic bagger is an extremely flexible machine that can handle a wide variety of bottles. The bags are formed from a plastic roll using a cutter and heat sealers, and the bottles are collected, grouped and fed into the bags.
The automatic bagger’s HMI consists of a user-friendly touch screen that allows the operator to change the setup, run and troubleshoot the machine.
Key features of AB 410S automatic baggers:

  • Makes bags up to 1200mm wide for standard pallets, and up to 1420mm long for beverage pallets
  • Standard model handles more than 3000 bottles/hr and can produce up to 60 bags/hr (or 120 bags/hr optionally)
  • Very easy to set up for different sizes
  • All modules guided by precision linear bearings and controlled by variable speed drives for fast yet smooth operation
  • Fully guarded to meet OH&S requirements with interlocked doors for easy access
  • Safety circuit includes redundancy and safety monitoring devices in accordance with AS 4024, EN 292 and EN 1050
The AB 410S automatic baggers can be ordered with a range of equipment including automatic palletisers with layer pad dispenser, pallet conveyor systems, and automatic palletisers for both bags and loose bottles.

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