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APEX Automation & Robotics invests in RFID

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APEX Automation & Robotics’ vision is to bring the new proven technologies for its customers to help them maintain a leading edge over their competition. These technologies are provided as full turnkey systems, specially designed and built for APEX Automation & Robotics’ clients needs. With that in mind, APEX Automation & Robotics has installed over 50 automation systems involving robots, vision systems, PLC, servo motors, etc. Now that RFID is the new and emerging technology that can be used in manufacturing, retail and distribution, only to name a few, APEX Automation & Robotics has invested in RFID to explore its benefits for its clients. 

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) consists of a transmitting device reader that can read and write information onto a tag as it moves in the detection area of the reader. The tag consists of an IC chip that can be embedded into a sticky labels, tokens, plastic cards etc. The detection area ranges from a few centimetres to several metres (as is currently used in Drive through Tollways).

The use of RFID is emerging in Tollways, Libraries, Airports, Seaports, Freighting, warehousing and Logistics. APEX Automation & Robotics has developed a demonstration kit, which consists of an RFID tag and reader system with its own propriety software to show the potential of this technology and how it can be specially tailored to your business.

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