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APEX Automation & Robotics’ Automatic Palletiser for plastic manufacturer

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APEX Automation & Robotics  has installed and commissioned an Automatic Palletiser for a plastic manufacturer.

The Automatic Palletiser included conveyors for marshalling and orientating polyethylene bottles produced by a blow-moulding machine, then merging them into a single lane before they are collated for palletising.

A cardboard slip sheet is loaded between layers and the bottles are collated and stacked on the top of the sheet. When a layer is complete, a pallet lifter drops one bottle height for the next sheet to be loaded and the next layer of bottles to be stacked and so on.

This custom-designed pallet lifter drops the finished pallet all the way down to floor level so that it can be handled by a pallet jack without the need of a fork truck in the production area.

The system was controlled by a PLC with a HMI (Human Machine Interface) and has undergone a risk assessment in accordance to the requirements of AS4024-2006 Safety of Machinery. Safeguarding included a set of Cat 4 light curtains for easy access to the pallet for loading and unloading and interlocked safety doors for access to the machine.

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