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Resistance and potentiometer output signal isolators

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APCS has released two products to cope with increasing requests for analogue signal conversion to resistance and potentiometer outputs.

The ATR167 analogue to resistance isolator is typically used to convert a thermocouple to RTD signal to match dissimilar existing equipment, for automatic gain control and for simulation of a Pt100 or other RTD types.

The ATP168 analogue to potentiometer isolator is typically used to replace a mechanical pot for control of existing machinery, automatic control of gain or offset in instrumentation, and to provide programmable adjustment for delays, filters or time constants. The output of the ATP168 consists of a series of true resistors that can be switched with eight-bit resolution. Both two-wire and three-wire output connections are available.

Both the ATR167 and ATP168 can be powered from a wide range of ac and dc supplies with surge protection and offer full three-way galvanic isolation to 2kV rms. Inputs can be from a range of user-selectable standard process signals or millivolts. Alternatively they can be from a wide range of factory-calibrated signals including RTD, thermocouple, frequency, pulse, resistance, potentiometer or unipolar and bipolar voltages from 1mV to 2kV.

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