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APCS designs new Pulse Splitter PLS257

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New Pulse Splitter PLS257 has been created by APCS for applications where a pulse is required to be isolated, re-powered and repeated on two separate outputs (splitting) up to a maximum frequency of 100 kHz.

The output pulse width is adjustable (PW) to provide “pulse stretching “, where the input pulse is too short to be recognised by PLC's and other monitoring equipment.

Input signals of various types and waveforms from a variety of sensors can be accommodated, ranging from low level AC and DC pulses to proximity sensors such as NAMUR, 3-wire sensors and pulsing contacts. A pulse with DC offset can also be accommodated using the front mounted trigger level (TR) adjustment.

The amplitude of both outputs is adjustable (when ordered as pulse source) to suit the receiving device. The pulse output is indicated by a front mounted LED, giving clear indication of module function and pulse frequency.

For some applications, where the receiving device requires open collector input, the PLS257 can be configured for “sink “output.

For applications with higher frequencies the PLS257 can be factory build with an optional frequency divider – providing link selectable division up 99.

Example: Input from encoder is 5 kHz – PLC can only accommodate pulses that have a 5ms duration – set divider to 50 and adjust PW to suit.

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