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APC Technology provides affordable customisation services for computers and electronic components.

From a change of component to a radical redesign to meet specific space, power or temperature requirements, APCT can customise existing products or create new designs in a relatively short timeframe and in a lean manufacturing framework.

APCT uses design elements and components used in other products wherever possible. This improves reliability and helps achieve cost savings associated with bulk component purchases.

During the development process, APCT sales and engineering staff work closely with their customers to ensure the end product meets design specification and expectation.

3D models generated during the design phase can be supplied in several industry formats that allow them to be used in larger models to ensure components will fit together before manufacturing begins. This approach can highlight installation and access issues that may not otherwise be apparent until the final product is supplied.

The flexibility of a custom solution means the unit can be further modified to overcome specific site problems.

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