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APC Technology extends Industrial and Military products

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APC Technology, one of Australia's foremost industrial computer manufacturers, has extended its range of Industrial and Military products.
APC has introduced its new KBIM2-IS QWERTY keyboard with integrated mouse for use in hazardous areas.
APC Technology has been manufacturing IS keyboard's since 1997 under AUSEX certification and the KBIM2-IS is now available with international IECEX certification.
“Intrinsically Safe” devices have been specifically developed for use in hazardous areas where an explosive mixture of air and gas or vapor is or may be present.
“Intrinsically Safe” devices prevent explosions in hazardous locations by employing electrical designs that eliminate the possibility of ignition. This generally involves adding protective components in series with energy storage devices. The purpose of the protective components is to reduce the risk of ignition due to spark or increased surface temperature of components.
These areas typically include mining, petroleum and chemical engineering plants and factories processing and storing gases, solvents and other volatile substances.

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