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Double deep racks from APC Storage Solutions

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APC Storage Solutions  offers wide range of double deep track storage solution which is comprised of pallet racking to store 2 to 4 deep pallets. The double deep track solution offered by APC Storage Solutions is an economical and affordable alternative to drive in racking.

APC Storage Solutions offers drive-in-racking that is ideal for bulk storage of loads and aids in utilizing maximum floor space. These pallets are supported on the upright frames of the structural support rails.

The stock picker racking system offered by APC Storage Solutions aids in protecting bulky items and can be custom designed. APC Storage Solutions supplies pallet live storage which aids in maximizing the capacity of existing warehouse. This racking system is ideal for first-in-first-out applications when the materials are perishable.

APC Storage Solutions offers stock piping system that has forklifts with shorter distances and there by reduces the labour cost. This storage system aids in faster, efficient and organized inventory and also reduces overhead expenses.

APC Storage Solutions provides maxi packer which is a high density pallet storage system. The maxi packer efficiently uses the maximum space in the warehouse and handle and stacks pallets automatically.

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