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Hardware components and cabinets from AP Automation

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AP Automation  offers wide range of industry sector products including operating and monitoring devices that are used for different applications all industry sectors.

AP Automation focuses on industry sectors with specific requirement profiles which are regulated by standards. AP Automation offers embedded panel PC top limited space conditions and provides protection against configuration changes and manipulations.

The operator stations offered by AP Automation are optimized and designed directly on the cabinets and machines. AP Automation supplies customized device fronts and machine section models for specific requirements and special applications. AP Automation also offers customized products catering to individual requirements and specifications.

The advantages of using these devices include field-tested configuration, safe operation in adverse environmental condition, long product life, ergonomic and specific design and pre configured solution are available.

AP Automation offers flexible hardware components with front layout and individual design and is configured with a modular system. The OEM devices offered by AP Automation are ideal for sophisticated industrial automation which cannot be solved with standard products. AP Automation offers wide range of OEM products ranging from OEM push button to multi-panels.

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