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Fast connection terminal blocks

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THE ISK series of terminal blocks features the IDC shift-clip connection.

Available from ANZ Controls , this concept provides space savings in the control cabinet without giving up important quality features such as:

* Large-surface marking.

* Maximum connection space.

* Flexible plug-in bridging system.

Stripping and providing splicing protection is no longer necessary thanks to the IDC fast connection system. All that is needed is to cut the conductors to the correct length and they can be contacted within seconds.

The ISK series feature powerful insulation displacement contacts (IDC). Conductors of 0.25 to 2.5mm² are connected using the patented IDC system. High grade alloys and snap-fittings of the switching statuses always ensure a secure electrical connection. Large-surface, spring-loaded contact points guarantee a current carrying capacity of 24A.

Systematically reduces wiring times by 60%.

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