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Taurus range of conveyor belt scrapers and pulleys from Ansquip

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Ansquip’s Taurus range of conveyor belt scrapers and pulleys are efficient conveyor solutions.

According to Ansquip, the TS20 Belt Scraper is one of its popular products. The key benefit Ansquip clients like about this conveyor belt scraper is how it directly translates to efficiency in conveyor down time and increases their productivity and profitability.

Ansquip Taurus’ conveyor belt scrapers differ from the competition on many fronts. However, the primary differential is the blades are at right angle to the belt. In fact, the simple mounting method of the TS20 belt scraper provides for easy installation and in several cases, due to its configuration, chute alteration is kept to a minimum.

Special design features of the TS20 Conveyor Belt Scraper have been incorporated into both Ansquip Taurus’ scrapers with the maintenance person being the key to successful operation.

An optional cradle has been incorporated into the belt scraper (for belt widths of above 900mm) on which the belt scraper is supported during removal and subsequent replacement. This allows the maintenance person to remove the belt scraper through the chute opening without the need of supporting the scraper from above or entering the chute from below.

According to Ansquip, the convenience factor alone will appeal to any Mining manager who understands the financial implications of shutting down a conveyor for any amount of time.

Moreover, each blade is independently loaded so it will operate independently of the adjacent blade resulting in a higher efficiency for a longer period than other single bladed belt scrapers.

Each blade has slots where it connects to the buffer; these slots allow the blade to be adjusted vertically, so the assembly (all blades) can be levelled and operate again as first installed.

A common occurrence with many conveyor belt scrapers is its design does not allow material to clear the scraping face; the Taurus scraper has near vertical faces and material tends to clear the working face quickly and therefore, does not build up on the surfaces that can lead to blocking.

The TS20 belt scraper operates well on wet materials and will work on a reversing belt. Current design specifications have the TS20 belt scraper fitted with tungsten carbide blades, alternatively, nylon blades can be supplied depending on the material being scraped and the condition of the belt.

Ansquip also offers a sandwich blade that can be used on the clipped belt. This type of blade has been used on development belts in underground coal mines for many years, so Ansquip has a proven track history.

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