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Belt scraper TS30 from Ansquip

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According to Ansquip , its primary Belt scraper (model TS30) has a number of refinements that have their beginnings associated with some other conveyor belt scrapers, but it has improved on the techniques, to give a truly unique scraper.

One significant modification away from the traditional belt scraper is that each blade is slip on and independently loaded. Ansquip’s Taurus range of primary conveyor belt scrapers can accommodate full differential wear across the belt face; increasing the efficiency of the conveyor belt scraper for a longer period of time when compared to multi-bladed scrapers that are not independently loaded. In addition, each blade can be changed by hand.

In some cases, conventional scrapers cause the blade to be dislodged from the belt, making the scraper ineffective. Ansquip Taurus belt scrapers have been designed in such a way that this common problem rarely occurs. Each blade/buffer units [multiples of 150mm] is fully enclosed, thereby rendering the possibility of material build up between the conveyor belt and buffer, remote.

In many applications, blades are subjected to fine materials being lodged in the devices that hold them in location, making them difficult to remove at the time of servicing. Ansquip’s unique blade does not require tools, apart from a gentle tap, to remove it from the blade carrier; in most cases, they can be removed by hand. The benefit is that housekeeping can be done in a fraction of the time it takes to service similar units.

Ansquip can supply patented slip-on blades in a variety of materials from polyurethane and FRAS rubber to combinations of both with tungsten carbide inserts. Ansquip can tailor belt scraper blade specifications by providing a mixture of blade types to suit applications depending on the surface of the conveyor belt.

The attention to detail and high quality of materials used in assembly make the TS30 conveyor belt scraper a high calibre product, which has been well received both in Australia and internationally.

For interested parties, there is a return on investment calculators for making preliminary calculations to justify the purchase of a belt scraper.

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