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ANSQUIP provides custom designed Taurus brand conveyor pulleys

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Taurus conveyor pulleys from ANSQUIP are custom designed units suitable for use in a range of industrial and manufacturing environments.

They are comprised of a cylindrical shell which has relatively thick discs fully welded to each end. This shell is attached to a continuous shaft using locking elements, and the completed assembly is mounted in external bearing houses.

The locking elements used to attach the disc to the shaft in these conveyor pulleys feature a demountable shrink fit that ensures efficient and easy maintenance.

Designed as an integral unit, the stresses imposed on each component as a result of belt tension, angle of wrap, pulley rotation and overall pulley dimensions are assessed and evaluated.

The design and manufacture of Taurus conveyor pulleys is supported by a design check that locates any potential anomalies before the design is finalised, minimising the risk of errors in fabrication. A mill certificate can also be supplied that certifies the quality of each pulley.

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